Liste des usines Ford

Les usines Ford

Ci-dessous, vous retrouverez la liste des 79 usines Ford dans le monde, classées par pays, type d’usine, nom, nombre d’employés et date d’inauguration.
Dans ses usines, Ford emploi donc 92 752 personnes à travers le monde.

Source : Ford.

ArgentineAssemblyPacheco Stamping and Assembly3 8231961
AustralieAssemblyBroadmeadows Assembly Plant1 0681959
AustralieStampingGeelong Stamping4391926
AustralieEngineGeelong Engine4031926
BelgiqueAssemblyGenk Body and Assembly4 3371964
BrésilAssemblyCamacari Plant8 7532001
BrésilEngineTaubate Engine2 7491974
BrésilTransmissionTaubate Transmission2 7491974
BrésilAssemblySão Bernardo Assembly Plant8 2561967
CanadaAssemblyOakville Assembly2 9001953
CanadaEngineEssex Engine8951981
CanadaEngineWindsor Engine8001923
ChineAssemblyChangan Ford Mazda Automobile Chongqing Plant9 5632001
ChineAssemblyJiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (Joint venture – 30% Ford/70% JMC)8 3461968
ChineEngineFord Mazda Engine Co. Ltd (Joint venture – Ford 25%/Mazda 75%)1 3772005
ChineAssemblyChangan Ford Mazda Automobile Chongqing Plant 23 1632012
ChineAssemblyChangan Ford Mazda Automobile Nanjing plant3 2262007
FranceTransmissionBordeaux Transmission Plant Joint Venture (50% Ford / 50% Getrag)851
FranceTransmissionBordeaux Automatic Transmission Plant1 0371972
AllemagneAssemblyCologne Body and Assembly4 0971931
AllemagneAssemblySaarlouis Body and Assembly Plant6 1991970
AllemagneEngineCologne Engine8141962
AllemagneCasting and ForgingCologne Tool and Die1 1481963
AllemagneCasting and ForgingCortako Cologne GmbH4122003
AllemagneTransmissionCologne Transmission Plant Joint Venture (50% Ford / 50% Getrag)1 2881935
IndeAssemblyChennai Assembly – Ford India Private Limited1 9311996
IndeEngineChennai Engine – Ford India Private Limited2132008
JaponTransmissionHiroshima Plant1931
JaponTransmissionHofu Plant1981
MexiqueAssemblyCuautitlan Assembly1981
MexiqueAssemblyHermosillo Stamping and Assembly3 3351986
MexiqueEngineChihuahua Engine6901983
RoumanieAssemblyCraiova Assembly3 6002008
RoumanieEngineCraiova Engine Plant4022012
RussieAssemblyFord Sollers St. Petersburg Assembly Plant (Joint Venture 50% Ford / 50% Sollers)2 961
RussieAssemblyFord Sollers Elabuga Assembly Plant (Joint Venture 50% Ford / 50% Sollers)1 1652008
SlovaquieTransmissionKechnec Transmission Plant Joint Venture (50% Ford / 50% Getrag)8352005
Afrique du SudAssemblySilverton Assembly Plant2 5331967
Afrique du SudEngineStruandale Engine Plant5921964
EspagneAssemblyValencia Body and Assembly3 4851976
EspagneEngineValencia Engine Plant8461976
TaiwanAssemblyFord Lio Ho Motor Co., Ltd. (Joint venture – 70% Ford/30% Lio Ho Group)1 2971972
TaiwanEngineFord Lio Ho Engine (Joint venture 70% Ford/30% Lio Ho Group)971972
ThailandeAssemblyAutoAlliance (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Joint venture – 50% Ford, 45% Mazda, 5% Thai Affiliate of Mazda)8 5001998
ThailandeAssemblyFord Thailand Manufacturing (FTM)2 0002012
TurquieAssemblyFord Otosan Plant (Joint venture – 41% Ford/41% Koc Holding/18% public)7 5342001
TurquieEngineFord Otosan Engine and Transmission1 6081982
Royaume-UniAssemblySouthampton Body and Assembly5341953
Royaume-UniStampingDagenham Stamping Operations9721959
Royaume-UniEngineBridgend Engine Plant9721980
Royaume-UniEngineDagenham Engine Plant1 9941931
Royaume-UniTransmissionHalewood Transmission Plant (Joint venture – 50% Ford/50% GETRAG)7151964
Etats-UnisAssemblyFlat Rock Assembly Plant1 8381987
Etats-UnisAssemblyChicago Assembly Plant4 0991924
Etats-UnisAssemblyDearborn Truck Plant3 5762004
Etats-UnisAssemblyKansas City Assembly Plant3 7901951
Etats-UnisAssemblyKentucky Truck Plant3 8471969
Etats-UnisAssemblyLouisville Assembly Plant4 5001955
Etats-UnisAssemblyMichigan Assembly Plant5 1701957
Etats-UnisAssemblyOhio Assembly Plant1 8861974
Etats-UnisStampingBuffalo Stamping Plant5991950
Etats-UnisStampingChicago Stamping Plant8931956
Etats-UnisStampingDearborn Stamping5171939
Etats-UnisStampingWalton Hills Stamping3161954
Etats-UnisStampingWoodhaven Stamping Plant1 2001964
Etats-UnisEngineCleveland Engine Plant No. 19701952
Etats-UnisEngineDearborn Engine and Fuel Tank6631941
Etats-UnisEngineLima Engine Plant7161957
Etats-UnisEngineRawsonville Plant7891956
Etats-UnisEngineRomeo Engine Plant9901973
Etats-UnisEngineSterling Axle Plant1 7631956
Etats-UnisTransmissionLivonia Transmission Plant1 0581952
Etats-UnisTransmissionSharonville Transmission1 6961958
Etats-UnisTransmissionVan Dyke Transmission Plant1 3821968
Etats-UnisCasting and ForgingDearborn Diversified Manufacturing Plant4801942
Etats-UnisCasting and ForgingDearborn Tool and Die2761938
Etats-UnisCasting and ForgingWoodhaven Forging591995
VenezuelaAssemblyValencia Assembly2 4721962
VietnamAssemblyHaiduong Assembly Factory – Ford Vietnam (Joint venture – 75% Ford/25% Song Cong Diesel)5401997

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